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The Pure and Heartfelt Soul of GAVIN HOLLIGAN

The Pure and Heartfelt Soul of GAVIN HOLLIGAN

Hear how Gavin went from a highly successful British Football player to experimenting with different types of music and performing with and behind such greats as Stevie Wonder, Gloria Gaynor, Joselyn Brown, Floetry. As well as collaborating with some of Britians most sort after producers, writers and musicians.

To bringing his own soulful music to the world, with the release of a heartfelt song entitled ‘More Than One’. More Than One received tremendous reviews, mainly due to its powerful lyrics and emotive vocal performance. The song was also accompanied with a picture collage Youtube video featuring a string of soul stirring images. Since the release of his heartfelt ballad, Gavins music has been likened to the jazz infused organic instrumentation, behind the warm vocal palette of Grammy award winner Gregory Porter, or perhaps even the fresh spin on yesteryears Rhythm & Blues music, brought to us by the 10x Grammy award winner John Legend.


Gavin was also the featured vocalist on dance DJ Riva Starrs single ‘If I Could Only Be Sure’ (Dec, 2020) which received rave reviews and airplay from the likes of Annie Mac @ BBC Radio 1.

Gavin Holligan could easily be summed up as a 'modern day - classic artist', delivering much of the craftsmanship you would expect to hear from iconic heroes of old. With a rich musical history, potent songs, quality musicianship and an engaging stage presence, you can't help feeling that Gavin Holligan will always offer up his audience something worth waiting for!

His latest album "I Need A Song" is out as a limited edition release. He only made 500 cds and they can be purchased exclusively via his website.

The single "This Hotel Is Closed" made me an instant lover of his pure, heartfelt and soulful sound. It is with great excitement that I bring to you my conversation with the unique and gifted artist.

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